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Praise to God for what He is in Himself 

Worship is the loving ascription of praise to God for what He is in Himself and in his providential dealings. It is the bowing of our innermost spirit before him in deepest humility and reverence. Worship is the adoring contemplation of God as he has been pleased to reveal himself in his son and in the Scriptures. (Oswald Sanders)

Prayer and Worship 

Prayer can no more be divorced from worship than life can be divorced from breathing. If we follow his impulse, the Holy Spirit will always lead us to pray. When we allow him to work freely, he will always bring the Church to extensive praying. Conversely, when the Spirit is absent, we will find excuses not to pray. We may say, "God understands. He knows I love him. But I'm tired... I'm so busy... It's just not convenient now..." When the Spirit is absent, our excuses always seem right, but in the presence…Read more

Worship's Center of Gravity 

"The New Testament books highlight the spiritual enrichment of life. The exultant outbursts of Ephesians 1:3, ff. and 1 Peter 1:3 ff. center our thoughts upon God’s saving mercy in Christ and the Gospel. The bounty of God’s care and provision is indeed recorded, especially in the teaching of Jesus (e.g., Luke 12:22-31); and God’s creative and sustaining power in nature is a theme of the heavenly anthem (Revelation 4:11), but there can be no doubt as to the center of gravity in New Testament teaching on…Read more

Thanksgiving and Song 

Have you ever noticed how often the Bible links music and singing with giving thanks to God? Today’s WORSHIP QUOTE is a selection of Scripture passages that illustrate this strong biblical connection. I find this fascinating and helpful. This is not a complete list.


Ezra 3:11 — With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the LORD: “He is good; his love to Israel endures forever.”

Nehemiah 12:27 — At the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem, the Levites were sought out from where they…Read more

What is Worship? (John Stott) 

What, then, does it mean to worship God? It is to "glory in his holy name" (Ps. 105:3), that is , to revel adoringly in who he is in his revealed character. But before we can glory in God's name, we must know it. Hence the propriety of the reading and preaching of the Word of God in public worship, and of biblical meditation in private devotion. These things are not an intrusion into worship; they form the necessary foundation of it. God must speak to us before we have any liberty to speak to him. He must…Read more

Living Worship 

Worship is our response, both personal and corporate, to God, for who He is and what He has done, expressed in and by the things we say and the way we live.

--Louie Giglio, The Air I Breathe

Worship: The Christian's Highest Occupation 

The term, "worship," like many other great words, such as "grace" and "love," defies adequate definition. The meaning of these words, like the exquisite perfume of a rose, or the delightful flavor of honey, is more easily experienced than described. Some definitions of value: "Worship is the overflow of a grateful heart, under the sense of Divine favor." Here the writer has emphasized the fact that worship is a spontaneous thing. It is not something which has to be laboriously pumped up, but that which…Read more