About Us

The CCMH Worship Band is:

Greg Skodacek - Worship Leader, Guitars, Vocals
Loren James - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Tim James - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rachael Smith - Keyboards
Erik Holloway - Drums, Percussion


The CCMH Worship Band leads worship in at Calvary Chapel Mission Hills in San Marcos, CA.

“Worship starts with God’s love. As we receive His love for us, we then respond to that love. We do not earn or prompt God’s love; we respond to it. When we become aware of God’s love, then we respond to Him with our worship, which is really our life.” Sam Hinn, Kissing the Face of God

The CCMH Worship Band is an ever-changing and growing group of singers and musicians dedicated to the glory of God. The band is a group of spiritually gifted bond-servants of Jesus Christ, united in serving the One and only Triune God - Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ, locally as well as globally.

The band desires to bring people into a place where there is true communion between mankind and the Creator God, where all the glory, honor, praise, adoration, and worship He alone is due, can be expressed from the heart, in spirit and in truth.



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